Donald E. Pipes American Legion Post 410

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The Boice & Lindley Auxiliary Scholarship

Our Scholarship is a combination requirement scholarship of Legion affiliation, clubs, GPA & essay designed to provide additional financial assistance for applicants.


  • Immediate family members of the Whitestown American Legion
    • Must be enrolled current or an incoming freshman at a college/university/trade school


  • $500 scholarship
    • Max of 2 per year awarded


  • Beginning January 1st yet no later than April 1st to Auxiliary EMAIL address
    • College Acceptance Letter must be attached for incoming freshman
    • Continuing Student, copy of transcript with the 3.0 GPA or better
    • Scholarships will be awarded to winning applicants college, university, or trade school on or before July 1st.

How to Apply

  • Email to for application
  • Essay of why you are proud to be an American- 750 words or less.
    • Selected Merits
      • Junior Auxiliary
      • Community Service Hours
      • Son/Daughter/Step of Veteran
      • Clubs
      • GPA